Little miss Anna

Little miss Anna
with  her beautiful brown eyes
leaning in closer
and whispering some lies

Little miss Anna
a temptress of a kind
luring you in with her sweet words
till she makes you blind

Little miss Anna
I hate that little whore
her phenomenal presence
is one you will adore
like femme fatal
she?ll seduce you
that I can assure

I?m leaving you Anna
i?ll tell her
with tears
drip dripping
down my eyes

She gives me that same old look
till I start feeling it too
singing her siren song
devils worshiper, i?m starting to feel blue

Little miss Anna
i?m sorry for ever leaving you
i?ll give you my whole heart
and my spirit too

Little miss Anna
i?m a toy in your palm
but this feels really nice
and she makes me feel calm

Little miss Anna
makes me promise
to never  leave
I lift up my pinkie
we got a deal
I believe

Little miss Anna
now in the drivers seat
tell me
can you hear

That little bitch Anna
stealing the spotlight
and taking away all my shine
i will get rid of you
and make this world
all mine


Hei min ven, nyyyydelig sang du har skrevet!!!! Fin bloggis kip up the gudd wrk <3 hilsen din ven

Hres kjempe koselig ut. Kjempe gy lese om innleggene du poster p bloggen din. Ta gjerne en titt innom min blogg :)

Kjempe fine dikt

S fine! <3

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